Cannabis Topicals such as Cannabis Salve, Cannabis Oil and Cannabis Bath Salt are considered to be one of the safest ways to consume cannabis. Many people are using topical cannabis to relieve pain, itching, inflammation, and burning of the skin.

Cannabis is a fat-soluble medicine and this limits the absorption of cannabinoids in topical applications. A topical cannot penetrate deep enough through the tough outer layer of the skin to the layer of the blood vessels to travel onward to the brain. Typically, the effect of a topical will start to occur within 10-20 minutes and last 2-3 hours.

Cannabis Craft Products offers Cannabis Topicals (HIGH THC) that are extremely effective for pain relief and skin healing. We also carry Cannabis Topicals (HIGH THC/HIGH CBD) for maximum inflammation reduction. And CBD Topicals (HIGH CBD/ZERO THC) for relief from inflammation without the high or scent of the Cannabis Topicals. The CBD Topicals are scented with essential oils and can be used by anyone looking for inflammation relief.


Cannabis Oils and Tinctures are a healthy alternative to smoking Cannabis (and many other substances) for internal relief from symptoms like pain, anxiety and insomnia. They are safe, discreet and easy to measure doses.

Cannabis oils are meant to be ingested directly into your mouth and swallowed. For quicker effects, the drops are put under the tongue and absorbed into the saliva glands and felt within 20 minutes and last 2-3 hours. Swallowing the oil can take between 30-60 minutes before effects are felt as they are digested through the stomach and liver. This slower process allows for the effects to last and last 4-6 hours. Some people may need more or less according to the rate their digestion system works.

Cannabis Craft Products carry a variety of oils and tinctures for healing. The Cannabis Oil comes in HIGH THC and HIGH THC/HIGH CBD formulas which will have a psychoactive effect depending on the amount taken.  The effects for pain and relaxation are strongest with these formulas.

The CBD Oils come in THC Free (HIGH CBD) and Full Spectrum (HIGH CBD/LOW THC) formulas. The CBD oils will not produce a psychoactive effect. The THC Free CBD formula is a safe and effective oil for relaxing symptoms like anxiety and inflammation without any high and is safe for kids and pets. The Full Spectrum CBD Oil has less than 3 % THC in its formula. This amount is too low to produce a psychoactive effect yet enough to create the synergistic benefits of CBD and THC to allow a higher medicinal formula.


Cannabis Capsules and Gummies are the healthiest, most convenient, easiest to dose of the products ingested. They are an accurate measured dose of whole plant Cannabis oils without any solvents. Eating or ingesting Cannabis allows it to be processed through the digestion system before effects are felt. This can take 30-60 minutes and can last for 4-6 hours. The physiological and psychoactive effect can be felt differently depending on tolerance, rate of metabolism in the stomach and liver and foods ingested with the Cannabis. Some find the body effect to be higher than a psychoactive effect. The pain relief from ingesting Cannabis is greater than other forms.

Cannabis Craft Gummies come in a LOW THC dose formula at 5 mg THC per and also a HIGH THC dose amount of 20 mg THC per candy. The Cannabis Capsules are available in HIGH THC or HIGH THC/HIGH CBD or MED THC/HIGH CBD or the CBD Capsules come in HIGH CBD or HIGH CBD/LOW THC formulas.

We're happy to answer your questions about any products.  info@cannabiscraftproducts.com

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