Cannabis Won’t Cure Coronavirus, but It Can Help Ease Certain Flu Symptoms


Obviously, there’s no dependable research on CBD’s or THC’s effect on COVID-19. But we do know a few things about cannabis and general wellness. This year, obviously, things are a bit more serious. We're dealing with multiple citywide quarantines, global economic disruption, and a pandemic being compared to the damn Spanish flu. 

Down the rabbit hole of alternative cannabinoids and non-psychoactive cannabis, there is a wealth of potential medicinal benefits both preventative and curative.

At least when it comes to the regular flu, CBD has been found to help support immune systems, ease symptoms, and replace over-the-counter pain relievers and sleep aids currently taking up space in our medicine cabinet. If you find yourself slipping under the weather, for whatever reason, here are a few things to know about how cannabis might help ease symptoms.

CBD for Immune System Support

Tons more research is required to accurately map the relationship between the immune and endocannabinoid systems, but it's well established that CBD helps reduce self-harming autoimmune and inflammatory responses. "CBD has been found to act as an immune system modulator," says Anna Symonds, director of East Fork Cultivars' CBD Certified program. "This means that it's like a thermostat—it can turn the level of activity down or up, depending on the body's needs."

Full-spectrum CBD oil that can be added to morning coffee, tea or juice as part of a regular wellness routine

Cannabis for Bronchodilation

According to Symonds, cannabis can act as a bronchodilator—a medication that opens the airways of the lungs by relaxing bronchial muscles when smoked with a vape or flower. 

Cannabis as an Antibacterial

There has been research into the antibacterial activity of all five major cannabinoids, but a February study led by McMaster University professor Eric Brown found that cannabigerol is particularly effective in treating antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. "CBG proved to be marvelous at tackling pathogenic bacteria," Brown says. "The findings suggest a real therapeutic potential for cannabinoids as antibiotics."

Cannabis Salve is an effective antibacterial topical.

CBD as a Pain Reliever

CBD is popular for its effectiveness as a pain reliever, mostly due to its anti-inflammatory effects. Research indicates full-spectrum products made from the whole plant, with the entire range of cannabinoids—including low levels of THC—and terpenes intact formulated products are much more effective.

Cannabis and CBD oils help relieve pain and inflammation while relaxing the nervous system.

By Brianna Wheeler

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  • This article is absolutely 200% spot on. I live in New York and had coronavirus when it first came out the end of February. I heard that people were dying from it and I couldn’t understand it as I have a VERY very compromised immune system. I was tested for antibodies and then started a peptide injection therapy which is daily. I also take a few gummy‘s a day. I was tested again in May, tested again on June 1. No antibodies. I went back to the doctor and I was tested on August 17 of this year and I had a huge amount of antibodies. I probably was near somebody and I only recall having a couple of days where I was a little nauseous and had some vertigo with some diarrhea but it subsided after a couple of days. That was probably when I was sick but between the THC CBD gummy‘s and the injection of peptides, I am pleased to say that I really wasn’t sick. It was just basically another day for me. I thought I was having a Crohn’s flare up so I didn’t think anything of it. So for all of you out there that are concerned with coronavirus take HEED. I refuse to wear a mask because from the homeopathic doctors standpoint, you have to understand that the more you wear a mask and the more you keep yourself away from infected people you have to realize that You are not allowing your system to get accustomed to this new virus. So basically what we do on a daily basis just so you guys know if you want to try it, we take 2 to 3 gummy’s daily, a shot of Thymosin-alpha one which is a peptide, 5000 units of vitamin D, 50 units of zinc (don’t take any more than that because it will throw off your copper levels), apple cider vinegar, clove, rose hips, hibiscus, Manuka honey, vitamin C high doses, a B12 shot once a week and 3000 units of elderberry. The gummy’s are very good for people that get the vertigo & nausea, as I had that. In my opinion this has definitely helped me because I’ve worked every day throughout the scam-Demic as I call it and have to say that everything that I’ve mentioned above including Angela’s products are top-notch. Use them religiously, it really won’t make a difference.


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